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We are a highly esteemed center for Tamil language and culture in Singapore, committed to delivering outstanding educational, cultural, and linguistic services and resources to the global Tamil community for over 15 years. Our physical Tamil services and products are well-known in Singapore, and our online Tamil resources are highly regarded throughout the world.

Tamil Tuition & Enrichment

Looking for a top-rated Tamil language centre in Singapore? Look no further than Tamilcube Learning Centre - the only MOE-registered Tamil language centre in Singapore and the most popular choice among Tamil learners. Our innovative Tamilcube GOLD (Game-based Overall Learning Development) blended learning program includes group and one-to-one Tamil tuition and enrichment classes at four branches and online, offering a dynamic and effective approach to mastering the Tamil language.

Tamil E-Learning

Discover the ultimate way to learn Tamil language with Tamilcube Academy and Raffles Guru - our two highly regarded online learning platforms. With interactive multimedia lessons and a user-friendly interface, you can learn Tamil language from anywhere and at any time that works for you. Join Tamilcube and enjoy the benefits of our online learning portals today.

Retail & eCommerce

Looking for the best place to buy Tamil books and learning resources online? Look no further than Tamilcube Shop - the largest online Tamil bookshop in Singapore. From educational materials to dictionaries and guides, we offer a wide selection of resources for Tamil learners. With our speedy delivery services and international shipping options, you can receive your order faster than ever before.


Tamilcube is a premier publisher and distributor of Tamil books and resources, catering to learners of all ages and proficiency levels. Our collection includes Tamil assessment books, guides, and other learning materials that have been carefully designed to help learners achieve their language learning goals. As a trusted distributor of Tamil books and resources to schools in Singapore, we are committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of students and educators alike.

Tamil Community & Culture

Join the Tamil community in celebrating its rich cultural heritage with Tamilcube. We offer a comprehensive events listing that covers all the latest cultural events, festivals, and educational seminars in your community. Our Tamil calendar and astrology online resources provide authentic cultural insights that help you stay connected to your roots. As a trusted provider of Tamil language and cultural resources, Tamilcube is committed to promoting the Tamil language and culture and preserving its traditions for future generations.

Tamil Language & Literature

Join the Tamilcube community and explore the diverse and rich world of Tamil language and literature. Our platform provides a space for aspiring writers, poets, and artists to showcase their work and connect with a global audience. Additionally, our Tamil dictionary is the largest and most popular in the world, offering comprehensive coverage of the Tamil language and serving as an invaluable resource for language learners and enthusiasts. At Tamilcube, we are committed to promoting the Tamil language and culture and providing the tools and resources necessary for the Tamil community to thrive and grow.